American Flag and Money representing Tax Freedom Day in the USA

Tax Freedom Day 2023

Sometime during the 1940s, the following question was asked “If the average worker sent his entire paycheck to the government starting on January 1st, how many days would that person need to work before they were able to keep any of their own money?”

Each year the Tax Foundation computes the answer. In 2023, yesterday, April 18th, which also was the deadline to file Federal income tax returns in the US, was the day the average worker could celebrate Tax Freedom Day.

Tax Filing Season

Our tax team worked many extended hours during the past few months as they made certain to assist clients and friends with their tax preparation, meet all deadlines or file extensions. Now that the deadline has passed, we are giving our team a well-deserved break. Our offices will be closed on Friday, April 21st to give our team a head start on the weekend. All of our offices will reopen on Monday, April 24th.


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