Eric Seidman - Business Accountant & CPA at Wouch Maloney Feeding the Giraffes

A Night at the Zoo to Support Mitzvah Circle

Wouch Maloney CPAs and Business Advisors is proud to support Mitzvah Circle as a sponsor of the giraffe feeding exhibit during their annual fundraiser held on April 28, 2022. Over 500 people attended the event to help raise funds to support the mission of Mitzvah Circle.

Adam Joseph, meteorologist with 6ABC in Philadelphia, was emcee. He shared his own childhood experiences and details of some of the hardships he experienced as a child of divorce while growing up with his young mother and two siblings. “There is no shame in asking for help,” said Joseph. “And that is what Mitzvah Circle provides, help for those who need it during tough times.”

Eric Seidman, Adam Joseph, Shelly Castorino and Jeff Rieder at The Night at the Zoo, an annual fundraiser held at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, PA to support Mitzvah Circle. Photo: Blair Seidman

Fran Held, founder, executive director and president of the organization said she created Mitzvah Circle to provide hope and restore dignity to individuals and families during times of crisis, poverty, homelessness, and serious illness. The organization provides critical needs for families and individuals with over 100 types of basic necessities to move forward with life, employment and school. Demonstrating compassion and treating people with respect is paramount for the team at Mitzvah Circle.

For more information about Mitzvah Circle, click here.

Adrienne Straccione, CPA, Partner at Wouch Maloney participates in the Feed the Giraffe event to support Mitzvah Circle at the Elmwood Park Zoo. Photo: Blair Seidman
Adrienne Straccione, Jeff Reider, Shelly Castorino, Stephen Slade and Jim Behan attended the live auction. Photo: Lauren Slade

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