2022 Tax Filing Season Begins Graphic From the Wouch Maloney - The Business Advisory Firm in Philadelphia


The official start to the 2022 tax filing season begins on Monday, January 24th for the IRS. And as you are aware, with every start date, there is an end date. For your convenience, we updated our tax due dates and extended due dates chart for individual returns, C corporation returns, S corporation returns, and partnership returns. For individual returns, we included the Q1 2022 estimate due date.

State Due Dates

In addition to Federal due dates, we included information for the State of Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey New York and Tennessee. The chart is located on Resources page or you may click here. The current chart was updated on January 17, 2022, with the most current information available. We will continue to monitor this information and update accordingly.

City of Philadelphia

We also included information regarding the City of Philadelphia, specifically for residents and businesses located within the City limits.


Due dates can change at any time. Be certain to check with the specific state or local revenue site where you are filing for current due date information.

Holidays and Natural Disasters

Not all states and local municipalities follow the same deadline or payment dates as the IRS. Depending on the where you file, be certain to check your local and state department of revenue websites for holidays or natural disasters that may change due dates or when payments are due.


For questions regarding tax filing deadlines, extensions, or payments dates for other states, please visit the appropriate state website. You may find the links on our Resources page or you may access the Federation of Tax Administrators website for state tax agency links here.

You may also visit our News page to find the most recent articles and accounting insights published by our CPAs and accounting professionals.

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