Our insurance industry clients count on us to assist them in developing and implementing holistic approaches to regulatory compliance and risk management.  We are knowledgeable, proactive, caring and responsive partners to a variety of insurance companies including mutuals, stock, start-ups and run-offs licensed as property and casualty, life and health, and managed care companies.

  • We help insurance companies that are frustrated with the cost and administrative burdens of meeting regulatory requirements.
  • We work with senior management that is overwhelmed trying to manage operations using inefficient processes that no longer incorporate adequate internal controls.
  • We assist boards of directors and audit committees that are uncertain if the information they receive from senior management is sufficient for them to meet their fiduciary responsibility.

Let us help you answer these important questions regarding your insurance operation:

  • Are you efficiently and adequately meeting regulatory requirements?
  • Is your risk management process documented and mapped to your strategic plan?
  • Is everyone in your company aware of the critical risk factors and their responsibility?
  • Does senior management keep the board adequately informed of risks?
  • Do you have a formal operational and IT risk assessment?
  • Do you have an internal audit department that is adequately staffed and monitoring key risks?
  • Have you evaluated your third-party vendor risks and are you monitoring them?
  • Are robust discussions held regarding fraud risks?
  • Are you confident there will be no comments with your next regulatory exam?