Wouch Maloney & Co., LLP offers a Training and Career Development Program that addresses the training and development needs of its professional staff including Junior and Senior Accountants, Managers and Partners-in-training.  It includes a regular evaluation of a specific list of core competencies developed for each position in the firm.  Progression from one level to the next is based upon individual performance.

Junior Staff Accountants – Junior Staff Accountants are assigned work projects to learn new technical skills and improve existing ones in a variety of areas including the basic aspects of accounting and taxes as well as advanced aspects of bookkeeping.  You will learn the practical fundamentals of accounting and taxes, begin to develop your analytical skills, understand the importance of performing quality work, and become familiar with the multitude of management and consulting services that Wouch Maloney provides.  You will have opportunities to make client field visits under direct partner supervision.  Junior Accountants also begin preparation for the CPA exam.

Senior Staff Accountants – Senior Staff Accountants who have successfully mastered the core competencies for Junior Accountants move into a role in which they delegate, instruct and supervise work projects that they assign to Junior Accountants.  You will acquire a thorough knowledge of federal and state income tax, estate, trust and sales tax as well as a basic knowledge of estates, valuations, litigation and the audit process.  Your work assignments will advance your analytical skills and understanding of a client’s business strategy so that you can learn to develop working relationships with clients.  You will begin to focus on marketing yourself and the firm, and you will recognize the importance of a good marketing plan in building strong client relationships.  You will learn to recognize marketing opportunities and participate in networking organizations to build business relationships.  Wouch Maloney helps you to develop and execute your personalized marketing plan.  If you are not already a CPA, you will continue your preparation of the CPA exam and pass the CPA exam before becoming a Manager.

Managers – Managers who have successfully mastered the core competencies for Senior Staff Accountants are trained to delegate, monitor and review the work of Junior and Senior Staff Accountants.  You will focus on the development of your managerial and communicative skills so that you learn to work effectively with staff members to whom you assign work. You will begin to train staff members to develop basic analytical skills and resolve problems. As a manager, you will be involved in complex data analysis, share your ideas and recognize and communicate potential risks associated with solutions.  Advanced analytical training will help you to identify complex issues and find solutions for clients.  You will complete the development of your marketing plan by becoming a leader in firm committees and activities, and by participating in professional CPA-related service organizations, civic, and/or charitable organizations as a member, board member, or speaker.

Partner-in-training Program – Partners-in-training are expected to master the responsibilities and skills of equity partners including the final review process of all work projects.  You will become active in marketing/acquiring new clients, as well as communicating additional services available to clients as needed.  You will work closely with the Partners and Senior Managers to develop solid analytical skills, and understand complex accounting procedures related to your goals as a CPA including areas such as financial statements, tax, financial reporting, valuations, forensics and litigation support projects that Wouch Maloney handles.  Click here for details about this Program.