The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a comprehensive and complex piece of legislation involving most of our citizens and businesses. In an effort to provide assistance in understanding the key aspects of this legislation, particularly as it affects our clients, associates and staff, we have created this section of our website as a gathering place for extensive source material organized in an easy to understand format. Many of the sections have frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers to further assist us in understanding these regulations and their impact on our families and our workplaces.

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Recent News

Use this link to stay abreast of current developments of the Affordable Care Act. Review articles and posts from a variety of reputable sources.

Notice Requirements

Employers must provide notices to all full and part-time employees to explain the new marketplace and indicate whether they provide health insurance. Click here to learn deadline dates, sample forms and requirements for these notices.

Affordable Care Act Overview

The Affordable Care Act is an extremely comprehensive act which covers individuals, families and businesses large and small.  Access this area to learn the basics of the Act in plain language and how it affects your particular situation.

Affordable Care Act and Individuals

Review this section to learn about the individual mandate, subsidies, insurance plan designs, frequently asked questions regarding individual coverage and more.


The Affordable Care Act is multi-faceted and covers a wide range of implementation dates for insurance benefits and requirement dates for individuals and employers.  Review the Act’s timelines presented here for details.

Affordable Care Act and Business

The Affordable Care Act covers both small and large business. This section will provide guidelines on calculating into which category their business falls.  Small businesses will be helped by this section as they learn about the SHOP Marketplace and how it can help their business.  Read frequently asked questions about the Affordable Care Act and business.

State Information

Review this area to learn the details of the individual state exchanges, services they will offer and plans offered by state.


Understand the penalties associated with both the Employer and Individual Mandates of the Affordable Care Act.

W-2 Requirements

Health insurance will soon be reported on W-2’s under the Affordable Care Act.  Learn the specifics of the reporting requirements in this section.

Taxes and Credits

The Act includes both taxes and credits, some of which are already in effect. Learn the details, deadlines and calculations that apply to both.