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Valuation and Litigation Briefing May/June 2024

The May/June 2024 Valuation and Litigation Briefing is now available. Our cover story summarizes a recent Arizona divorce case where a calculation of value was used by courts to value the couple’s law firm. A sidebar explains how calculations of value differ from conclusions of value. We also include an article that explains how valuators can serve as expert witnesses or consultants, helping settle shareholder disputes both in and out of court.

All articles in this issue include:

  • Why an Arizona court accepted a “calculation” of value
  • How valuation pros can help settle shareholder disputes 
  • Guideline transaction method: Are you comparing apples to apples? 
  • Rosenthal v. Erber: Court rejects biased expert testimony

As always, if you have questions or currently in need of valuation services, please reach out to John F. Maloney, CPA, CFF, CVA, ABAR at 215.675.8364.

To read the entire May/June 2024 issue of Valuation and Litigation Briefing, click here.

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