Business Valuation Advisors from Wouch Maloney at a Wedding

Exceeding Client Expectations

Most of us have heard variations of tag lines from professional service firms. Some may say the following:

  • Our firm is different
  • We are big enough to serve yet small enough to care
  • We provide personalized service
  • Relationships matter
  • We go above and beyond to serve our clients

Today, we want to share a story about our founder, Stephen Wouch, CPA, CFF. Not only did he exceed client expectations, Steve went above and beyond to serve our client as well as many, many guests.

The Client

Our longtime client, Howard Perloff, is the founder and artistic director of the Bucks County Center for the Performing Arts. The center is home to a professional theater group based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The theater hires local talent to perform in plays and provides educational programs as well as classes in acting, dance, singing, musical instruments, set, lighting and costume design.

Stephen Wouch, CPA, CFF, and Founder of Wouch Maloney CPAs & Business Advisors with client and friend, Howard Perloff, Founder of the Bucks County Center for Performing Arts, pose for a photo while the audience arrives for Tony and Tina’s Wedding on June 23, 2022.

The Initial Consultation

When Howard selected the lineup of shows for the Spring 2022 season, he reached out to Steve to discuss production costs of the first play in the series, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. If you are not familiar with Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding, it is an immersive comedy show staged as an evening of nuptials for two Italian-American Families. Audience members participate in the play as “guests” of the wedding where they enjoy food, drinks, and dancing during the wedding reception.

Unlike traditional plays, additional costs were necessary. A larger venue, kitchen facilities, catering, wait staff and bartenders were necessary components of the play. Steve immediately came up with a way to cut some costs: he volunteered himself and Jamie Weinstein, his niece, to tend bar during all seven performances!

Relationships Matter

One reason Wouch Maloney CPAs and Business Advisors continues to thrive is due to the relationships we have with clients. Our team has served Howard for over 10 years as his accountant, advisor and friend. And the relationship is not limited to Steve. Adrienne Straccione, CPA, Partner at Wouch Maloney has continued to build upon the strong relationship that Steve nurtured with Howard. The transition was effortless as our core values are carried on by all members of our firm.

Exceeding Client Expectations: Stephen Wouch and his niece, Jamie Weinstein, were ready to serve guests at the June 23rd performance of Tony and Tina’s Wedding presented by the Bucks County Center for Performing Arts.

The Final Bow

Steve and Jamie tended bar at all seven shows that took place in June 2022. They arrived early to set up for each show. Both Steve and his niece wore formal wear to look the part and served hundreds of wedding guests. When the last guest left the reception hall, Howard was pleased with the response from the audience as well as the dedication of his volunteer cast behind the bar.

Advisory Services

A CPA firm is not just accounting and tax services. We listen to your needs and provide insight to your situation. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for you and your company. While tending bar at a play may seem excessive, when it comes to exceeding client expectations, what would you do you for your client?

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