Suzanne (Suzy) Feldman, CPA, MT - Corporate Financial Advisor in Horsham

Celebrating Women During March

The month of March has many commemorative dates celebrating women including International Women’s Day, Women in Construction week, and Women’s History Month. As March comes to a close, we would like to share a story about one of our senior tax managers, Suzanne (Suzy) Feldman, CPA, MT.

In 2016, Suzy was looking forward to retirement. She began her tax career with Price Waterhouse (formerly Coopers & Lybrand) in the 1980s when it was still part of the “Big 8.” She worked in their Denver and Philadelphia offices until she left in 1989 to work in private industry. For the following 28 years, she worked in the tax department of oil and gas companies.


In business, mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring are terms that can bring great success or great despair for employees. For Suzy, the events that unfolded at the dependable company where she dedicated three decades of her life and career changed the trajectory of her professional and personal life. No longer was Suzy making plans for retirement. She was now faced with re-learning how to write a resume and how to interview for a new position.


Private industry was an excellent option until it wasn’t. When Suzy looked at opportunities, she knew she had to make the right decision as her timeline to restore her retirement fund was limited.

Job security was a top priority but interviewing when you are a more experienced, senior job candidate one may ask, what type of company is going to take a risk and hire someone like me? You may doubt if you are worth the time and money to re-train when it may be obvious to the employer that your career has a shorter timeframe.


“I remember when Suzy came in,” said Steve Wouch, Founder of Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP. “Pam (Starfield), our firm administrator and I interviewed Suzy.”

Steve smiled fondly as he recalled the interview. Afterwards, I spoke with Pam and said “Suzy has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry; she worked with partnerships and understands the complexity of master limited partnership (MLP) K1s. She has a good tax mind, let’s give her a try.”

I enjoy the challenge of identifying the tax and business issues and tackling the tough questions.


I started my career as an accountant over 40 years ago.  After I graduated with an accounting undergraduate degree and having worked in general accounting for a few years, I decided I wanted to specialize in tax. I went back to school, earned a graduate tax degree and spent the majority of my career in the tax department of several publicly held oil and gas companies. I worked for the same employer for over 28 years and then my company filed for bankruptcy. I was laid off when I should have been starting to plan for retirement.  That was my defining moment. Wouch Maloney & Co LLP (WM), a regional public accounting firm in Horsham, took a chance and hired me.

With no recent public accounting experience, it was a gamble.  I had not been in public practice since I left the “Big 8” in the eighties.  Fast forward seven years and I am still working for WM and my choice to return to public was the best decision. I like being in a small firm where you get to know the people and you can connect with your clients. Many of our clients are closely held S Corporations and partnerships in the construction or real estate development space.

My role with Wouch Maloney is that of a “technical reviewer”.  Our firm has many levels of review and mine is always the last stop before going to the partner for sign off.  As part of my job, I am constantly reading.  I allocate a part of every day to stay current. In 2020, during the Coronavirus pandemic, I juggled the everyday demands of reviewing tax returns along with reading and writing about new legislation and articles of interest.

I guess it is safe to say that Steve Wouch’s intuition after my initial interview was accurate. I enjoy the challenge of identifying the tax and business issues and tackling the tough questions.


Now in her seventh tax season at Wouch Maloney CPAs, Suzy easily accepts new challenges. In 2020 she adapted to working remote, in 2022 she adapted to working hybrid, and continues adding value as a dedicated member of the tax team.

“Some employers hesitate to hire an employee with decades of experience in private accounting vs. public,” said John F. Maloney, Managing Partner of Wouch Maloney CPAs. “Watching Suzy engage with young staff, interpret new tax laws and educate others on our team to understand the nuances and complexities of recent pronouncements and guidance challenges her to be her best and we all can see she enjoys her career at a public accounting firm.”

None of these qualities and attributes are surprising if you know a little about Suzy’s past.


When Suzy was in high school and college, she worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor. One summer during college, she had her own Jack & Jill ice cream truck route that helped fund a trip to Europe. She went to college in Colorado (under grad CU Boulder and graduate University of Denver) which could explain why she was an avid skier and still enjoys hiking and the outdoors. Her ability to accept challenges, adapt, and have a positive outlook keeps Suzy on track to reach her goals.

If you have the skills, desire and drive to grow your accounting career, we have and always will recognize talent. We like to ask: “what you want to do with your accounting degree?”


If you have the skills, desire and drive to grow your accounting career, we have and always will recognize talent. We like to ask: “what you want to do with your accounting degree?”

Promoting from within is a hallmark for our firm and we are proud of the women who chose to have a career in accounting at Wouch Maloney. In 2020, Adrienne Straccione, CPA, was the first woman promoted to partner. In 2023, 75% of our senior leaders are women and 45% of our managers are women.

We will never know if Wouch Maloney CPAs & Business Advisors is the right fit your talent or your professional and personal goals. What we do know is if you like to accept challenges, adapt to change, and have a positive outlook for a rewarding career in accounting, we will be always be willing to have a discussion. You never know, we may say “let’s give you a try.”


Should you have questions about this topic, or any other topics related to your personal or business situation, please contact us at any time.

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