“I had been with another CPA for almost two decades. I was comfortable that he was doing an ok good job but had considered the possibility that I was just a client to them.  There were never any moves on their part to treat my business independently. I was always part of group email chains and mailings. Over those two decades my business grew but their involvement and direction remained the same.

When Eric from Wouch, Maloney approached me I was a bit hesitant. I think we are a bit over-conditioned these days to be standoffish to unsolicited business offers. But this one felt different. There was no hard sell. No promise that they would save me money. It was just a casual offer to see if there was anything that they could do to improve my returns. He offered to meet me and discuss what he thought Wouch, Maloney could do to help my business. I was slightly shocked at what I saw and even a bit apprehensive to believe the numbers to be true. With a few changes to the structure of my business, Wouch, Maloney helped the tax codes work for me, saving me thousands of dollars. The entire time they held my hand through the process making the transition so simple. Throughout the year, they checked in to make sure all was well and checked to make sure I was on track to avoid any surprises.

My experience with my CPA at Wouch, Maloney & Co has been great.  It’s like working with a close friend who has your best interests at heart. I’m glad I made the switch.”

John Barone, John Barone Photography, LLC
“Being a CPA myself, as well as the CFO of a national publicly-held company, I recognized the need of engaging professional help to ensure the proper reporting of my personal tax filings which have encompassed complex and uncommon issues, along with related planning advice for the future.  Wouch, Maloney & Co, and in particular Eric Seidman “checked all the boxes” in addressing the professional services’ environment I was looking for and continue to expect, to include their subject matter knowledge, resources and commitment to customer service.”
“As an athlete, compartmentalization is a crucial key to success. Having complete confidence in my accounting firm saves me from the unnecessary stress of worrying about my finances. Knowing that my taxes are in safe hands with Wouch, Maloney & Co. allows me to keep all of my focus on the field!”
Brandon Copeland, NFL Athlete
“Wouch, Maloney & Co has picked up our small business and carried it to a new level. The personal attention we have received has allowed us to clearly develop our financial goals. Once our focus was set, Wouch, Maloney & Co used their deep pool of resources to navigate around obstacles and successfully restructure our business in a way that makes practical financial sense. They guided us to create a new corporate structure and executive compensation plan that allowed us to increase our company’s profitability. In addition to these long term planning solutions Wouch, Maloney & Co keeps in touch with us on a regular basis to make certain that our tax strategy stays successfully on track.”
Robert Lamb, Lamb Squad, LLC
“Signing on with Wouch & Maloney was the best decision I could of made for my company. They are very professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable. I’m really happy with their services and highly recommend them to anyone needing accounting services.”
Mr. Byron Tarlton, Interstate Transportation Systems, Inc.
“We appreciate Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP not only for its performance with respect to auditing our financial statements and preparing our tax returns, but also for the concern of its partners and staff for our enterprise, IEW Construction Group, Inc.

Starting with our initial meeting with your firm, it was apparent you cared about understanding IEW and adding value to our enterprise while maintaining high professional and ethical standards.

During the course of our relationship, Wouch Maloney has performed extremely well for IEW. We have come to rely on your general business advice and guidance about changing accounting standards. Our bank and bonding company are also very pleased with the quality of our financial statements.”

Mr. John F. Dempsey, Controller, IEW Construction Group, Inc.
“Your professional knowledge has been invaluable in keeping us on the correct path and guiding us to act advantageously in regard to taxation and accounting matters. Your proactive stance has enabled us to avoid pitfalls that we would never have anticipated, even when some of those problems did not appear on our radar or that of the other professionals with whom we engage. You look at accounting not only from an accountant’s perspective but from a business man’s perspective as well and that is invaluable.

But most impressive is the caring that you and the entire Wouch, Maloney team demonstrates on an ongoing, consistent and sincere basis. We feel as if our concerns and problems are addressed with the same meticulousness and seriousness as if they were their own. That incredible “personal” touch that you and your people provide for us all the time is what separates Wouch, Maloney form the rest of the professionals with whom we deal and has spoiled us forever!”

Mr. David Cutler, Vice President, The Closet Works, Inc.
“Special thanks to Steve Wouch and Brian Wiest for all of their expertise in assisting Levy Construction with the many changes in our accounting practices. Their assistance has enabled Levy Construction to be much more profitable.

The new systems they have implemented have made our office run more efficiently thus allowing us to spend more time in our core business in the construction fields.

I know our relationship will continue to grow and as they provide on-going guidance to Levy Construction.”

Mr. Simon J. Levy, President, Levy Construction Company, Inc.
“We have used the services of Wouch, Maloney for the past three (3) years and could not be happier with the results obtained since then.

Prior to engaging them as our accounting firm I was apprehensive about the cost of their services; however, once I discovered the savings generated by their advice and preparation of our financial and tax returns I was elated. I am sold!”

Mr. Craig Alper, President, Alper Enterprises Inc.
“DRS operates at five facilities in three states with a unionized workforce represented by eight locals. Almost all of our business is derived from abroad and we handle cargo spanning the gamut from automobiles to cocoa beans, bananas to steel, lumber to containers.

The professionals at Wouch, Maloney & Co. have an unparalleled ability to quickly absorb complicated and disparate information and to arrive at a deep understanding of our business. Our ownership is comprised of two of the largest national companies in the maritime industry. Both stockholders, as well as our bank, have complete confidence in Wouch, Maloney & Co. issued statements.”

Mr. Robert Palaima, President, Delaware River Stevedores, Inc.
“When I moved to Pennsylvania in 1989, as General Manager, to relocate a Connecticut based German Company, I sought out an accounting firm to handle our monthly and yearly financial planning and tax preparation. After researching many accounting firms, I was recommended to Wouch, Maloney & Company through a major commercial builder.

Today, I have successfully built my own company, and through the advice, financial planning, support, and business tax structuring implemented by Wouch, Maloney & Co., we are approaching our 14th Anniversary in business. Here we are, 18 years after meeting Wouch, Maloney & Co. Not only do they handle all my business affairs, but likewise support my personal tax structuring and estate financial planning.

I am extremely satisfied, and at times relieved, to know that Wouch, Maloney & Co. is there for my business and to protect my family’s future.”

Mr. Robert Cheatle, CEO/President, Roberts Technology Group, Inc.
“Your advice and experience in our industry is invaluable!”
Mr. John McGarvey, CEO, J. McGarvey Construction Co., Inc.
“I have been a very satisfied client of Wouch, Maloney & Co. for over 20 years.”
Mr. William J. Gross, President, W. J. Gross, Inc.
“For a number of years I have utilized Wouch, Maloney & Co. in three capacities: as my personal accountants, as my business accountants and as forensic accountants for my clients with tax issues. I have found their work to be professional, thorough and thoughtful.

The tax planning services provided for my personal and business taxes have saved me and my business time, effort and money. I am also pleased with the firm’s newsletter to its clients which helps me to plan during the course of the year on both a personal and professional basis. I have always found the staff to be readily accessible and prompt to respond to questions and concerns which arise during the course of a year.

In terms of the forensic accounting services, Wouch, Maloney & Co. is a firm with established credibility. My experience has been that the firm’s analyses have always been readily accepted by the courts, other accountants and by the Internal Revenue Service.

I readily recommend the firm of Wouch, Maloney & Co. to all who consult me for a referral for accounting services.”

Luther E. Weaver, III, Esq., Managing Partner, L. E. Weaver & Associates, P.C.
“We expect high quality service from ourselves and our vendors. Wouch, Maloney & Co. has provided valuable service to us for years, which in turn has built trust, loyalty and customer satisfaction on our end.”
Mr. Ed Thompson, President, PMRS
“As an owner, I really appreciate the ability to pick up the phone and talk to John or Steve at any time; it is more than just your typical client relationship. The analysis they offer both in reports and consultation is up-to-date, concise, and always relevant to helping me build my business.”
Mr. Bill Bitzer, Manager, R.D. Bitzer Company
I have known Steve Wouch for over 30 years & there is none better or more attentive in the business. He takes a personal interest in each and every client and I always know where I am in my business, where I should be & how to plan for the future. I just love the Facebook updates from Wouch, Maloney & Co. It seems my investment firm does as well and it helps explain things for us non-accounting individuals in language we can understand!
Ms. Connie Scherr
“I’ve known Steve Wouch professionally for 30 years now. He has worked very closely with my family’s business and now oversees the accounting of my own business. Through these years I have seen his business grow and prosper. Steve and his associates were there assisting me every step of the way through the start up of my business, a nonprofit organization, and they continue to be there for me with professional advice and assistance. I am fully confident and extremely pleased with the services they provide to me. I am thankful for all the time they have given me to ensure the success and growth of my organization.”
Mrs. Joanne Corless, Director, The AJ Foundation
“Been using Wouch, Maloney for over 10 yrs for both business and personal. Both John and Jeff are the best!”
Jason Leck, George Leck & Son, LLC
“I have been working with Steve Wouch and Jeff Helphrey of Wouch, Maloney & Co. in a complicated litigation matter. The books, records and documents supplied by our opposition were a total mess and the matter was unusually complicated. Steve and his associate, Jeff, have been incredible to work with – thorough, extremely competent, professional and responsive in a way I have never experienced with any expert.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. If anyone is looking to hire a forensic accountant, you would be in excellent hands with Steve and his group.”

Ms. Jane E. Leopold-Leventhal, Esq.