Tax laws, whether they are federal, state, sales, income or estate, are ever-changing. Both existing and changing tax regulations can have a significant impact on our clients and/or their businesses. Our job is to stay informed as tax law and policies change and proactively determine the effects in real dollars. Oftentimes, proactive steps need to be taken to fully take advantage of tax breaks or soften the blow of tax increases. Planning is the key to maximizing our clients’ financial success.

How does Wouch Maloney & Co., LLP provide these tax services in an outstanding manner?

  • Our tax department stays abreast of tax law changes and disseminates these changes to our clients.
  • We understand the value of reviewing each client’s circumstances on a regular basis. We create customized tax planning strategies that are based on individual needs and make sound business sense.
  • As the courts have confirmed, no individual or entity is required or obligated to pay more taxes than dictated by federal, state or local law. We take the time to study and interpret tax law as it applies to each client’s situation. We focus on finding legitimate ways for our clients to save tax dollars.
  • We are experienced in communicating with tax authorities and in handling audits in the most productive manner.
  • Our staff can help determine which business structure is right for you. Whether it is a sole proprietorship, a type of partnership, a “C” or “S” corporation or a limited liability company, we will explain the business and tax advantages of each and how each might affect your tax situation. We work alongside your attorney and other trusted advisors to offer you thorough and favorable solutions.

Tax Compliance Services:

  • Income tax returns-personal and business, multi-state and international
  • Estate, trust & gift tax returns
  • Inheritance tax returns
  • Sales & use tax returns
  • Payroll tax returns

Tax Planning Services

  • Tax Projections
  • Estimated Tax Calculations
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • IRS Representation
  • State Audit Representation

Business Tax Services

  • Multi-state Tax Issues
  • Sales Tax Issues Including Nexus
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Restructuring
  • Contracts in Progress Analyses