The increasing globalization of the economy is encouraging many businesses to enter the international arena to remain competitive. The professional staff at Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP can proactively help your business navigate in unfamiliar multi-national waters. We can assist you and your business with matters such as:

  • Selecting the appropriate choice of tax entity and ownership
  • Developing the appropriate funding structure (debt vs. equity)
  • Structuring tax-efficient transactions, both in-bound (to the U.S.) and out-bound (from the U.S.)
  • U.S. Income Tax Withholding Compliance
  • Transfer Pricing Reviews and Documentation Compliance

We can also provide personal income tax services to U.S.-based executive and non-executive employees of international firms and their subsidiaries as well as employees of U.S. companies who are working abroad.

Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP is ready to respond to your challenge of prospering in a global market.