How does your company compare in key financial areas to others in your industry?

Benchmarking takes the mystery out of financial statements and transforms your company’s financial data into terms you can clearly understand. Through an analysis of common business ratios, gaps in optimal performance can be uncovered and improved. As part of benchmarking services, you will receive a detailed report in easy-to-read English that describes the state of your company’s financial data as compared to others in the same industry. The purpose of this report is to help you assess what your business’ financial numbers really mean, and to guide you in setting and working toward meaningful financial performance goals.


Operating Cash Flow
General Liquidity Conditions
Accounts Receivable


Profits and Profit Margin

Profitability Trends
Gross Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin
Various Expenses (i.e., rent, payroll, advertising) compared to sales



Debt-to-equity ratio
Debt leverage ratio


Are Assets being used effectively?
Return on Equity
Return on Assets

Employee Data

Through an analysis of your company’s financial margins, we can offer you targeted business advice in a timely manner. Take a test ride and request a sample benchmarking report to see what you have been missing.