Word to the Wise

Word to the Wise – June 2020

Be Prepared for Pandemic Tax Surprises Numerous new laws provide economic relief to individuals and businesses hardest hit by this year’s pandemic. This much-needed financial assistance, however, comes with a few strings attached. Here are three potential surprises if you [...]

Word to the Wise – March 2020

How to Succeed as an Independent Contractor Are you one of the now 33% of Americans who work as either an independent contractor or freelancer? If you answered yes, you are now a participant in the gig economy, a modern [...]

Word to the Wise – February 2020

You NEED These Documents to File Your Taxes! It’s easy to get inundated with documents during tax season. You can receive documents from many different organizations, including employers, financial institutions and others. Many documents are now also being sent via [...]