Wouch Maloney has extensive experience taking care of service sector clients. Our professional service clients are involved in architecture, communications, engineering, insurance, law and medicine. Other service sector clients are in the restaurant and waste management businesses. We also have a successful niche practice addressing the accounting and tax needs of professional athletes.

Internal Management Reporting Systems

  • Is your company capturing all direct and indirect costs including labor, payroll taxes and benefits and manufacturing overhead?
  • Has your company quantified fixed and variable costs?
  • Does your company know its break even point?

Product and Product Line Profitability Analyses

  • Does you company calculate profit margins by type of service provided?
  • Has your company analyzed costs by service type and geographic area to determine marginal revenue and contribution to net income?

Financial Reporting

  • Does the company’s reporting system provide management with current and timely financial data including revenue and gross profit by service types and geographic areas?