Feb. 20 Webinar: Valuation Challenges Involving Closely Held Businesses

Even seasoned accountants, attorneys and valuation professionals face challenges when performing valuations on closely held businesses because the processes and complexities are different from valuations involving publicly traded companies. Wouch, Maloney & Co. Managing Partner John F. Maloney, CPA, CFF, CVA, ABAR is one of two valuation experts who will co-present a live webinar addressing those challenges on Wednesday, Feb. 20, from 1:00-2:50pm EST.

Webinar participants will gain a thorough and practical understanding of valuation for closely held businesses. Co-presenting with John Maloney is Jon P. Klerowski, CPA, ABV, CFE, a partner with Floyd Advisory.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

The webinar will address these and other topics:

  • How the reason why the valuation is needed can influence the valuation approach
  • Shortcomings and potential risks of each of the primary valuation methods
  • Why valuation advisers should not assume all ongoing businesses have measurable goodwill
  • Risks associated with normalization adjustments when using the market and income approaches
  • Risks of incorrect accounting adjustments in using the adjusted balance sheet approach
  • Determining appropriate discounting methods for valuing noncontrolling interests in closely held businesses and interests that lack marketability
  • Adequate documentation to properly support the conclusion of value