Wouch, Maloney & Co., LLP is an ideal place to launch your career in accounting. If you noticed our core values on our home page – proactive, caring, knowledgeable and responsive – you should know that they apply not only to our clients, but to our staff! Abiding by these values has helped our firm achieve the kind of recognition it has in our community.

Offering a unique blend of qualities found in small, regional and large firms, first year staff will probably experience many of the events below:

  • Prepare corporate and individual tax returns
  • Participate on an audit team
  • Attend a networking event
  • Help train a client’s bookkeeping staff
  • Assist in the preparation of a valuation report
  • Attend weekly staff meetings to assist you in setting workload priorities
  • Participate in selected firm management issues such as software demos
  • Place a telephone call to the IRS
  • Participate on a firm committee (i.e. technology, marketing, training, entertainment)
  • Recruit new junior staff
  • Regularly go to lunch with a group of staff members, including partners
  • Organize a firm-wide happy hour
  • Send an email to a client in Paris, Texas or Paris, France
  • Play a practical joke on a partner
  • Attend an educational seminar
  • Assist on a litigation support assignment
  • Go to a Phillies game with a partner, with the entire firm, with a client
  • Study for the CPA exam (and then benefit from the firm’s reimbursement policy)
  • Work on a Saturday during tax season (seriously!)

Our firm understands that the first year in the accounting profession is rigorous. It provides continual support to enable staff to smoothly make the transition from junior to senior and beyond. Assistance is not limited to technical skills; soft skills including business development, client relations, communication and organizational skills are supported. Mentors help juniors navigate any difficult terrain and offer guidance as young staff strive to make sound professional decisions.

The recruiting process at Wouch, Maloney & Co. LLP is simple:

  • You are looking for a rewarding and challenging professional opportunity.
  • We are looking for intelligent and ambitious staff.

Let us help you get to the next step. You can submit your cover letter and resume online or contact Susan Sims – ssims(at)wm-cpa.com by email or phone at 215-675-8364.